A few months ago I had the idea of creating a cool website where I could inspire people to achieve success. A place where they could learn more about me and to connect and grow their mindset of what is actually attainable in life. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from or even if you never went to college. The success you desire can be attained and there is no magical sauce or some guru you need to study under to get it. The change you need is already in you, you just have to let it blossom.   Somewhere along the way I began to realize there would be those who would somehow not agree, approve or believe what I have set out to do. This page is for those wanting the Truth the whole truth and well you know the rest. 


         I am a 24 year old TREP, Software Engineer, previous professional athlete, Mentor and more. I have a passion for Soccer which has taken me all around the word to play in places like Armenia, Ft. Lauderdale and France as well as allow me to play for one of the largest universities in the United States. I enjoy driving cars, riding motorcycles and flying airplanes, basically if its fast give me the keys and lets go.  I am always looking forward and have TONS of ideas to share with the world as I try to surround myself with positive energy as much as possible


         I want to be very clear here: I have failed more times than I can possibly count, some of those failures have been abysmal and others minor but what I learned at a young age is you have to fail to truly succeed. The hardest part of the journey to success is to push through those terrible failures, keep your feet moving and try, just try to enjoy the journey. I have witnessed many friends go on the journey of entrepreneurship or corporate success and because of the stress they underwent many of them did not make it . The day a tragedy occurs everything looks dark but if you get your self up the next day and find a way to push forward you now have the hope to create your dreams. Perhaps some of my greatest accomplishments have arrived right after my greatest failures, but if I had not driven forward through the failure I would have never seen what the universe had in store for me. 


So I hope this gives a bit more insight on me and I hope you connect with me on social media. Remember the universe will give you the least thing you are willing to accept from it. I look forward to hearing your stories!