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What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

Every morning I wake up...pray...write my goals and start the day. One of the constants on my goal list this year has been to be happy. Having internal happiness is not something most people place on their list of goals, however it's something I desire to possess each and everyday regardless of what life tosses my way. This accomplishment has not been easy and this year has been filled with challenges of varied types.

In my quest to become happy each day I realized what most makes me happy and what most caused me stress. I reached a point where I began to understand the triggers of stress and control the level of stress I allowed to enter. In simple terms I stopped doing things that were making me un-happy and started doing things that enabled my happiness. I cut out Toxic People from my life, Toxic tasks and toxic behaviors. Then I started Giving...

Giving has long been one of the things which most makes me happy. Those whom I love receive very thoughtful gifts and many times things they've never thought they would get. The photo above is at the world famous NOBU Malibu in Malibu, California. As a gift to Courtney and our family I invited our immediate family to dinner and to stay for a few days in a beach house overlooking the ocean. I was truly happy during this trip and the smiles on Courtney and our families faces were all that I needed. We even ran into the lovely Smith Family in NOBU and Courtney Gavin and Willow Smith share the same birthday!

I encourage you to find Happiness in your own way and remove Toxic People, Tasks and Behavior from your life. No matter where you are or what you've done before you are still alive for a reason and the change needs to be made today. Shout out to AllBirds and Jaden Smiths - Just Water. Check the Kicks!

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