• Jamison Gavin

Doing the right thing

There is a saying, the good guys always finish last. Why is that? Probably because people get used to: getting screwed over, seeing the bad guys win and relate being righteous to being weak.

I study the greatest winners and losers in history constantly from the beginning of actual written text. I've always been fascinated at what makes a winner win and a loser loose. Wanna know what I've found out? Sometimes the bad guys do win... however its often temporary success. Whats temporary to one man can seem like a lifetime to others and this feeling makes society say "The good guys always finish last".

I've learned through my life and the life of those who've come before me it is not my place to believe I will finish last or first. It's my place to always attempt to do the right thing the first time and every time. Now do I always get this right, NO...I've messed up, sinned, and hurt others more times than maybe even you. Thankfully Jesus has forgiven us for our sins and I take my integrity to a point where I humble myself in the face of whom I've possibly pained through apology. This act towards the person is not something you must take however accepting the Lord and repenting of your sin is a must.

Sometimes doing the right thing is painful, scratch that, you know what most of the time its not the easy action. However I believe being the woman or man you desire deep inside of you to be is a loving person. I encourage you today to take a step forward by doing your best to do the right thing. Stop worrying about what other people are going to think or what the consequences could be. Make a stand to do what's right and lets leave a positive Legacy!

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