• Jamison Gavin

David against Goliath

I have a photo on my phone of a young child in a sumo wrestling stance getting ready to go up against a giant sumo wrestling professional. I've had this photo at the top of my daily notes app on my phone for years. This photo reminds me as long as Jesus has my back and I walk in his righteousness he will bring forth the Victory.

You see in this photo all most people see is this little kid perhaps 70 pounds about to wrestle this 330 pound professional and say "He is going to get creamed". I can only imagine how David felt while walking up to battle Goliath. This guy is huge? He's a proven war-fighter. He destroys people my size all the time. Am I crazy? No one else dares to fight.

In my eyes three of the major keys to David defeating Goliath was 1st God, 2nd he believed and 3rd he put on the armor. There is obviously physical armor used in battle however there is also spiritual and mental armor I am certain David possessed. It's so easy to live a life scared or afraid to go up against what may seem impossible. I encourage you to not grow weary or be afraid to fight the battles placed in front of you. Pray about everything and walk in his abundance.

In 2020 and forward pray with me " Jesus I understand on the surface this battle may look impossible, however I know you are the only author of what is possible therefore I ask you to fight this battle and I will take every action you deem as necessary for your glory, amen. "

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