• Jamison Gavin

The End brings the Beginning

We all have heard the phrase "The beginning of the End" but while you are reading this post I want to you to think about the "End that brings the beginning". Many times when we Fail, Loose, Get Fired, Dont Win or even worse feel completely defeated. We don't know what to do next and this often leads to depression.The truth is no matter how successful you become depression can sneak up on you. I could sit here and name countless wealthy people who have suffered from depression.

My hope is that you never go through depression and if you know someone who is experiencing this that you are able to help them.

On the other side of every failure there is a beginning and often this beginning is more exciting and more lucrative than the failure you just went through. The key is not giving up when that failure occurs and keeping your faith so you don't become weary. My walk with the Lord keeps my eyes on Jesus and without him I would never get up.

I recently lost business with a client I deeply care about due to factors currently outside of my control. While this failure felt different than other losses and knowing I could have solved the problem if I was given control to do so, made the situation difficult. What I had to remind myself during this time was that every END BRINGS a New BEGINNING and that I had not only done right by the client but also the firm in which I represented.

Whatever failure you are going through now remember "it too shall pass" and that no matter the outcome you have a responsibility to be the best person you can be with the time you have left.

I raise a glass to a new and better beginning! He will never forsake you. We got this!

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