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The 1st Fathers Day

1 year ago today, I was in Atlanta traveling from Denver for business. I looked over to my beautiful and intelligent wife Courtney and I hear the words "We are having a baby". To my surprise I didn't jump for joy or perform a theatrical high five. I stood there frozen...All I could think about was omg am I capable of caring for a child and becoming the Father I've always dreamed of being. Courtney firmly grabbed my hands and said "You got this". I snapped back into reality smiling from ear to ear and declared "We got this!".

Perhaps its ironic or makes for good story-telling that I found out I would be a parent on Fathers day. You know, being a father is something that really takes just doing. For me and for many men being an incredible Father is something we take very serious. When it comes to African-American fathers we as a culture do not have many fathers to look up to as role-models ("Siri play J.Cole - Role Models"). I can recall as a young boy in east Decatur, Ga I was the only kid who's father was around in middle school. It may sound ludicrous to some,

Jamison Gavin and James Gavin UCF Award

however the absence of a father in the city where I was raised was and still is not a commonality. Fortunately this was never an option for my Father, whom attended every: Soccer game, baseball game, basketball game, rehearsal, awards ceremony, golden glide skating rink drop off and "Detention". I believe a large part of whom I am today is because of my parents influence on my life, in a positive way, while being surrounded by an enviroment that was not. I have no doubt that it was not easy for my father or mother to raise me, I was a little bit of a trouble times. But 5 months into this Papa Life I can see why they did it and why they persevered through everything. It may only be my 1st Fathers day however I am excited and sanguine about many more. Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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