• Jamison Gavin

The Journey - Why Trash?

If you haven't read Go For It my first swing at bat for an E-Book go to the Product section of this website and download it. You might learn something or be slightly amused. One of the questions I use to get asked often while being the CEO of Premium Trash Services was...Why Trash? The short answer is I found a niche and spent days researching the industry to make sure I was entering into a viable space. My generation "Millennials" saw our parents work their entire life to just get canned by their job they never showed up late to when the economy crashed. The same homes radio and tv hosts said they should buy ended up wiping them out. I specifically desired to find an industry that for a lack of better terms was "Recession Proof". I believed I had more to my life than not truly making a difference. I guess it was purpose, passion and perseverance which made me jump from a $70k a year job at 21 to building a waste service company.

Once given the opportunity to lead I focused on building up the community in which our company had the pleasure of serving. We did this by hiring homeless teen Girls, Boys, Women and Men all over the East Coast of the United States. 3 yeas into Premium Trash I was truly witnessing how my wife Courtney and I were actually changing Orlando, Miami, Tampa, St.Petersburg, Atlanta, Charleston, Raleigh, Charlotte, Dallas, Boston, Birmingham and more. I began to receive awards for the work we were doing and Premium Trash was being recognized on a local and national level.

It was never my intention to receive such recognition and honestly I don't believe it helped us win a single account. I focused on developing the quickly forgotten homeless because homelessness is a problem in America in which no one seems to have a real answer or solution to fix. So I said F*** all the bull and lets Go For It. Not only did we make a dent but we housed the homeless along with providing jobs and development programs for them. This program we developed helped the individual not return to streets. I just think its incredible how we as humans are ok with people living on the street when there are more than enough VACANT homes to house all the homeless in America.

Our awesome sales teams brought in more than 3 million dollars in Sales to Premium Trash Services and our largest account won was $490,000. Yea we celebrated just a tad after we won that one! I am excited to enter the next chapter of this book we call life. As of this writing I am a Partner at WellKept as the Eastern States Sales Manger providing doorstep valet trash and recycling services nationwide for multifamily apartments and condominiums.

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