• Jamison Gavin

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

"You can't score if you don't shoot" - The words from my father, Varsity Soccer High School 2007.

Its one thing to start a business its a totally different thing to build a successful business. In order to do the later, it takes dedication, time, hard work, faith and you have to take shots.

What I mean by shooting is you have to take shots (opportunities) in order for you to thrive. I absolutely love the game of soccer or as our friends across the pond say Futbol. In this beautiful game 90 minutes may go by with only 1 or 2 opportunities to score. Just like in business when these opportunities arise you must already be in the right position to score and the only way to score is to shoot. Not taking the shot will only leave you sad faced and if you are like me pondering for days why I didn't just shoot.

On the contrary, I recall in highschool the guy who was shooting too much and kicking the ball sky high over the goal over and over again. A thriving service business lives in a balance of shooting and passing. In my daily life, we receive many opportunities some of which we take our shot on and the remaining we pass the ball to other companies. I believe in this strategy and it keeps us balanced. Our goal is to be of service first! If thats not with us thats ok, because we served by helping you find what you needed.

I learned back in highschool "You can't score if you don't shoot" so take your shots and take them wisely.

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