• Jamison Gavin

Increase Team Productivity with these 5 Steps

1. Learn to Trust your people

Remember until robots rule the world, everyone on your team is a person with a story. Trusting everyone on your team is the building block for winning of any team. If you don't trust each other the relationship of the team will suffer. This causes over compensating by other members and the team with continue to run un-efficiently until trust can be restored. When leading teams I focus on trusting our people to fulfill the role they are given exceptionally. When building the trust, always verify. "Trust but Verify" - Yvette Gavin

2. Encourage each other

Our team leaders are continually trained to encourage each other. We build excellent teams by building excellent traits in people. When a member of a team does something well we motivate them to continue to do so. You get a lot more with honey than vinegar. When you are leading a team make sure you nurture your team members. Its not about being soft or weak its about getting the best out of each human being you manage.

3. Accountability throughout

Everyone must be accountable for their actions, period. I will be the first person to say I have made many mistakes in life. With that said for each and every one I have apologized face to face to the individual and made sure it never happened again. The same goes for the teams you build. People make mistakes and everyone must understand once a mistake is made you must be honest about it and take full accountability for it. Don't run from mistakes, run from non-action. If things go wrong, take responsibility and accountability for the mistake. Then do better.

4. Don't drive only looking in the rearview mirror

A friend sent me a DM of someone walking in the mall with their eyes glued to their phone texting. A few steps later they walked right into the water fountain in the middle of the food court. Remind your teams you have to stay focused while going forward. Every car mass produced has a larger front window than it has a rear view mirror. Only take glimpses at whats behind you good or bad and stay focused on whats ahead. You don't drive down the street trying to get to your destination by just looking in the rearview mirror. Stop focusing on your mistakes, where you grew up or what you don't have. Stay focused on what is ahead of you and put your foot down.

5. Excellent communication

You know the phrase "Communication is Key". I can not tell you how many times we have said this in our company. This is certainly a pillar of our company and for any company looking to be successful in their field. Be clear on what you want as you communicate, be authentic and verify the listener understands. In building a phenomenal team there is not such thing as too much communication. Stay close to each other and keep all channels open. Some members of our team prefer to communicate in different mediums. I could take the big business approach and say NO you gotta send a formal email to all parties involved and wait until each person has 24 hours to approve blah blah blah. We are in the age of technology! You've got every-way to communicate on your phone. Become a master communicator. Oooh sounds like a good topic for a blog post: Tools to become a Master Communicator.

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