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Top 5 Basic Tools for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Just as a carpenter is only as good as his tools, today's #TREP is only as good as the tool we operate. So here are the most influential {Must Have} tools for Entrepreneurs. Aka the #TrepStarterPack.

Top 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs... let's kill this.

#1: A solid work station

The first of the TOP 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs is a personal computer. I must have read a dozen articles about the best tools for entrepreneurs and not 1 started with “A Computer”. Yet again why I created this website because the big entrepreneur websites are 90% FLUFF. Here are the specs we recommend for getting your feet wet into Entrepreneurship with a solid computer. Regardless if you want a desktop or laptop minimum get these specs trust us here: Processor: Intel i5 RAM:4GB Hard Drive: 150GB. The computer has become the gateway to success in the modern world of technology. There won’t be many business’s created which become successful without the use of a computer. Sorry we just don’t live in that world anymore…adapt or die.

#2: Strong Email client

In today's age of technology and 24-hour work cycles you need a way to communicate with the world at anytime of day or night. The amount of information which goes between emails is insane and you have to make sure your email client is clean and non obtrusive. We recommend using Gmail, thunderbird and mac mail for FREE. When entering entrepreneurship keep your costs as low as possible until your concept is proven. We also like MailChimp check them out here. Which ever email client you choose make sure you utilize the folder option in the beginning when starting your business. Organization gets harder as you grow and the tools for entrepreneurs will also. #2 TOP 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs – Strong Email Client

#3: Powerful Mobile Phone

I get it. Most of these tools are basic but if you are a successful entrepreneur you know these tools are the most important. Just like the computer, which for me has become one of my best friends in entrepreneurship, my mobile phone is my computer when I am away from my computer. Half of the tasks I do are done on my phone from emergency conference calls, to sending emails, to negotiating deals. The importance of today's entrepreneur to have the capability to get tasks done on a mobile device until you are back to your computer is crucial. TOP 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs #3 Mobile Phone

#4: Determination

Ask me, ask your successful friend, ask Seth, ask Mark, ask just about any Entrepreneur and we will all tell you. You need the tool of Determination. Check this definition out of Determination: “The process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research. Firmness of purpose; resoluteness”. I'm adding this as Tool #4 because being a successful TREP means you establish something…by Calculation/Research (your idea). By firm purpose and the most important “Resoluteness”. In every income-producing business I have ever created there were roadblocks my teams have had to pass. More than this, many punches I myself just has to take. By using the tool of Determination you will conquer and defeat the issues presented in front of you. With it, you just won’t! TOP 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs #4 Determination

#5: Mentor

Our Top 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs ends with getting some great Mentors! I currently have 3 mentors who guide me in my personal and business life. I believe that living is to live 1 life, I don’t believe in work life balance I believe in “Balance”. So my mentors epitomize a superb balance of personal/family and business life. Since I found my first mentor my success has grown drastically. Getting an incredible mentor is without a doubt the quickest way to achieve success. Use Mentorship not only to build great relationships but also as a tool in your arsenal to grow your idea/business. I should probably write an insider look about just how much this is effective and how I have found mentors. The things I have learned from my mentors are MIND Blowing and would have taken decades to learn on my own.

I hope this article was helpful, TOP 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs is not a list of websites, apps or software. This is a list for those who are looking to become a Entrepreneur and want the fast track. There is nothing wrong with the fast track as long as you are “learning“ why not to use the slow track.

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