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Goal - How to stop Self Doubt (Accomplished)

Yet again I decided to "Go for It".

No matter what journey you are seeking to embark on every start begins with a first step. I've found in building multiple successful companies the decision to tell your haters, family, so called friends and in my case (Myself) to SHUT the F*** up and Go for IT is all it takes. I think self-doubt is the number 1 killer of people. The belief that you can't or wont has a crippling effect on most people and this paralyzation destroys dreams.

I recall when I started my first company in Decatur, GA and didn't have a clue as to what on earth I was doing. I didn't fear failure because I had nothing to loose. Every business after that I, at some point before its inception struggled with Self-Doubt. Maybe i'm not good enough, not tall enough, not attractive enough, not the right time, don't have the money, don't have the sales skills, business development skills, connections or my favorite: cant win because of my skin color. Each time with the exception of my most recent start-up i've delayed because of my own self-doubt.

As an Entrepreneur you and I must control self-doubt and not allow the negativity of others and what they think makes a difference; actually make a difference. Its absolutely easier said than done, but I promise you it can be done with out appearing like a complete narcissist or Cocky. My father didn't know how to play or teach soccer, nor did anyone he knew. However he saw his young son was fascinated with the sport and decided he would start with reading a book and become his sons coach. He would tell me constantly "regardless if soccer becomes your success story always be confident in yourself but don't ever let me see you being cocky".

I believe we are all actually born with all the confidence we need. As a child we are taught to rid our-selves from its presence. Because of others, confidence in ones self must be practiced in order to mastered. Children are taught making mistakes is a terrible thing and parents/teachers solve too many of children's problems. Encouragement to take on challenges is a no no in most schools and labeled as Gifted, Advanced, Remedial doesn't help. Children are born ready to put everything in their mouth and crawl down the stairs. They have the confidence that they can! They don't even know what I can't means, all we know when we are born is Do. - Go for IT

It took my biggest failure for me to realize who I am and begin to develop my self-confidence, in which I talk about in my first book "Go For It" (available here). Today like many other people I no longer struggle with Self-Doubt. I accept myself for who I am while making a conscious decision every year to work on 1-2 personal things i'd like to see my self accomplish. Every year I achieve those goals and 2018 will be no different. I encourage you, for whatever you desire to accomplish (Legally) to tell who ever is doubting you to SHUT THE F* UP and just Go For It. After all if you don't you most certainly won't achieve it. 2018 is the year of no more excuses GO FOR IT!

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