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1.1.18 - Becoming a Legend

11:17pm on January 1, 2018 - Blog Posted

12:00am - New Years Day - Toast with Killa Coco aka in Miami, Florida

12:05am - Phone calls and texts Happy New Year from 37 people

1:07am - Brainstorm session with Killa Coco time to take over the world

2:12am - Implementing brainstorm sessions

4:40am - Stream Dedication 6 - Lil Wayne - (Welcome Back Tune)

5:51am - Pillow Talk

9:45am - Wake up

9:55am - Prayer and Affirmations, written on bathroom Mirror

10:17am - Plan for today - Pinky and the Brain (Take over the World)

10:35am - Exercise

11:50am - Start Laundry

12:01pm - Shower

12:35pm - Watch the UCF Knights whoop up on them Auburn boys

1:00pm - Review work from last night

2:19pm - Start new work

4:30pm - UCF Wins Go Knights. Should have been in National Championship game. bye bye Scott

5:00pm - Facetime Call with Family

5:15pm - Chat with the Rents

5:30pm - Back to work website updates

6:25pm - Eat

6:40pm - JunkBids mobile App work

7:58pm - Legend Work

9:46pm - Website work

11:16pm - "I should make a blog, you already had a blog, yea but not on my personal website, who reads blogs? People are going to judge you? Who cares Go For it."

11:17pm - Blog Posted auto upload set for 11:59pm

11:37pm - Finish Laundry, order 1 more Christmas gift sorry I forgot him.

12:00:pm - Day 2 of Becoming a Legend no Sleep lets get this in!

#FirstDayOut #Day1 #BecomingaLegend

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