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JunkBids was an app I created as a side project which felt like a slow snowball rolling downhill which kept getting bigger and bigger. In simple terms: Junk Bids app allowed anyone to post a picture of their Junk (I know I know) and companies whom paid us to become a member were allowed to bid on the removal of the junk.  I believe some of the best innovation comes from frustration and JunkBids App was just that. While I was leading Premium Trash Services one of the challenges we had was managing the growth of the Junk Removal vertical which seemed to grow overnight from 1 call a month to over 100 a month when we were not even marketing to this customer. Sure we could have created a model to handle the volume of these new leads however the margins and revenue model were not completely outside of what we were doing on our core. So I built the app myself through many late nights and allowed other companies to get in on the action.